These days there is very little difference in build quality/ longevity between most brands.

Almost half of all kite brands in the world are produced under the same roof in the very same factory in China, using the same materials. A few (usually more expensive) brands use their own factory and will typically use more advanced materials which can lead to better build quality and more longevity.

As a beginner you won’t notice the difference between brands, as long as you choose the correct size and correct shape (model) of kite. You preferably want something that is Delta-Shape, that has good low-end (especially for yourself with 100kg) and top end performance, easy relaunching and good upwind performance. Most, if not all modern Delta-shape kites tick all those boxes.

It’s a bit like if I went on a motorbike forum and asked what’s the best option/deal for a motorbike for a beginner… There are so many options that would be suitable. People will recommend what they already use or had a good experience with, so all opinions are somewhat biased whether they come from a shop, an instructor, a team rider or an average kiter who has no brand affiliation whatsoever. Use Google to find out what people say about certain kites, there are tons of reviews out there for just about any kite.

As for use on the snow, any water kites can be used on the snow. The only (major) difference between water and snow is that you will need about half the power to kite on the snow vs water. This means if you need a 12m kite @100kg to enjoy 15-25 knots on the water, this same kite will be useful for about 7 knots to 15 knots on the snow. Any more than 15 knots on the snow you would really prefer to have a much smaller kite like an 8m for example.


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